The air in storage facilities, the water used in various processes... all carry fungus, bacteria and viruses. All forms of pathogens can lead to health issues and the rapid decay of organic materials.

Disinfect. Sterilise. Purify. Each action can lead to further issues. Chemical-based solutions can add items to the risk chart: the reactions that they may engender or the residues they leave behind may not be, after all, the best option.

Ozone reverses all the common thinking about fighting against pathogens.

Ozone (O3) is nothing less than a molecule of oxygen that has received and extra atom of oxygen. This supercharged molecule has powerful oxidant properties. It will attack and, at proper doses, destroy pathogens.

The extra atom has a short half-life and detaches itself after a brief delay, returning back a normal and innocuous oxygen (O2) molecule.

Those are not the sole benefits of ozone. Other reactions, such as the control of contamination by ethylene, means the taste and consistency of foods can be maintained for much longer periods.

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